18 Best Super Bowl Beer Commercials

Crack open a cold brew, and check out the most famous beer ads from the last 25 years

The best beer commercials from the Super Bowl.

10. Wassup #2

Not that anything can top the original Wassup commercials, but this 2001 Super Bowl alien take on "Wassup" still makes us giggle.

9. Wassup #1

Mother of God, it’s the commercial that spawned the most annoying catchphrase of the century: the "Wassup" commercials that premiered in 2000 cleaned up at the Cannes advertising festival and bolstered Budweiser’s stocks (really). Said the director of the commercials Justin Reardon to Business Insider in 2011, all he got from the commercials was a $250 bonus and a baseball hat. All we got from the commercial was a bro-ism dudes wouldn’t stop saying for the next five years — but that’s a sign of a good freaking commercial.

8. "Cool This Fire Down…"\

Oh, Cedric: we feel your pain, dude. Nothing like a smooth move with the ladies gone horribly wrong, in this 2001 Super Bowl XXV Bud Light commercial.

7. Michelob Lite

"The world of light beer… just got a little darker": the perfect premise to an otherwise innocent football game in this 2006 Super Bowl XL Michelob ad. Maybe it’s the masochist in us, but who doesn’t love a little chuckle at getting a good tackle on someone? (And at least the girl got her revenge at the end.)

6. Dog Sitter

For more dog cameos, you have to love beer-serving, DJ-spinning, dish-washing, and even gambling pooches starring in a Super Bowl commercial. This Bud Light ad aired at the 2011 Super Bowl XLVI.

5. "Rock, Paper, Scissors"

You have to admit, it’s the most genius way to win the last beer in the bucket. From 2007 Super Bowl XLI, we can’t totally condone this behavior for a Bud Light — but it’s clever.

4. The Streaker

The Budweiser Clydesdales, part of the Anheuser-Busch family for 80 years, have made lots of appearances in Super Bowl commercials over the last two decades. One of our favorites? "The Streaker," from the 2006 Super Bowl XL, featuring an adorable lamb without his wool coat — one who’s quite eager to show it all off. If only all football game streakers were this adorable.

3. "Here, Weego"

Let’s be real, this ad (from last year’s Super Bowl) has everything we want from a commercial: an adorable, perky-eared pet that willingly fetches us beer wherever we go. Sure, the Bud Light commercial isn’t the most original we’ve seen — but again, did you see the dog? Rolling on a keg?? Here we go, Weego.

2. Will Ferrell's Old Milwaukee Ads

When you put Will Ferrell in a beer commercial, you get a hilariously weird cameo, confusion, and well, Old Milwaukee. When Ferrell first premiered his Super Bowl debut last year, no one could quite believe it — and then they really couldn’t believe the German versions of the commercial. Those living outside of South Platte, Neb., may not have caught a glimpse of Ferrell’s ad during the game, but we still find his slow-mo walk to be quite hilarious.

1. Budweiser Frogs


Could anyone really leave the Budweiser frogs off the list? The Budweiser frogs first debuted at Super Bowl XXIX in 1995, and instantly became a hit. If you can ever get the "Bud…. Weis…. Er" unstuck in your head, you may recall the spinoff version of the frogs, the chameleons Frankie, Louie, and the Ferret who want in on the Bud action. (You know you’re a hit when your little Super Bowl commercial demands a spinoff.) "The Budweiser lizards! We could have been huge!" said one sad chameleon in a commercial — but nothing will ever top those wisecracking, Budweiser-loving frogs.