The Super Bowl Drinking Game For People Who Only Watch For The Commercials

As two football teams dream of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, fans watching the big game at home might need a different incentive to keep their eyes glued to the screen. Although people can debate whether it's the play on the gridiron or the commercials which are more engaging, the reality is that the NFL reported that "two-thirds of the United States population watched Super Bowl LVI," which is approximately 208 million viewers. With so many people tuned in, some big game-watching parties may skip the cheering for the Hail-Mary catch and raise a glass for those funny commercials. Luckily, there is a Super Bowl drinking game that could have some people saying bottoms up.

Although drinking should always be responsible, drinking games can be a popular choice for parties. As SPY shares, there are drinking games for any size group, theme, or other preference. It even says that many phrases, movies, or things can be made into a game. Just think of "Watch What Happens Live" and its word of the night.

While many people associate this activity with alcoholic beverages, those who do not imbibe do not have to be left on the sidelines. Any beverage can be used for a drinking game, not just beer or spirits. But, since many Super Bowl commercials will feature those light lagers or even a favorite liquor, it could be time to fill the glass and prepare for a spirited drinking game.

Which Super Bowl drinking game will have people glued to the commercials?

From celebrity spots to classic characters, the big game commercials can have people put down their plates and take 30 seconds to watch for the big punchline. When it comes to Super Bowl drinking games based on those quick clips, there are a few options that will have people raising a glass over and over. For example, lifehacker suggests "commercial BINGO." Simply create some bingo cards with common Super Bowl commercial themes. Squares can include beer brands, celebrity appearances, or maybe even the return of a character from years ago. Every time a square is filled, a person drinks. The person who gets BINGO wins.

Distractify takes a simpler approach, suggesting just drinking when a particular type of commercial appears. It's similar to the BINGO concept, but it uses less paper.

For a complicated drinking game tied to the commercials, AdLand.TV created a list of specific beverages tied to commercial appearances. From an A-list celebrity paired with a Sapphire Martini to a space theme toasted with Tang, the list of ideas is long. While this game could require a well-stocked bar, the idea could be adapted to just beer commercials and types of beer.

Raise a glass during these Super Bowl LVII commercials

In years past, Super Bowl commercials were not released until the kick-off to the big game. Now, brands are looking to maximize their exposure and many are revealing their funny, poignant, and sometimes confusing concepts ahead of Super Bowl LVII. With that in mind, it could be time to start planning that drinking game and create some rules around the anticipated themes.

Whether the game is BINGO, seeing a particular celebrity, a type of product, or even just hearing a commonly used word, there are many options that will have you raising your red Solo cup. For example, a subtle Revelry suggests one sip for a beer or car commercial, two sips for a food commercial, and three sips for a movie promotion. Given that Doritos, Popcorners, and others have released clips of their ads, there will be several two-sippers.

No matter the drink-triggering event, one thing is important for a Super Bowl commercial drinking game. Set the rules so that everyone understands them prior to kick-off. As the night progresses, no one wants a party foul to ruin the festivities. The only controversy during the big game should be whether or not Rihanna performs a song medley during the halftime show.