15 Outrageous Outfits Made Out of Food

You won’t believe what outfits came from these foods

10 Food Outfits

The masterminds behind these decadent designs were clearly never warned not to play with their food. Some of the following creations are awe-inspiring, while others prove to be merely appetite inducing. And no, we aren't talking about faux "food-inspired" fashion; we're taking stock of all wearable, edible apparel.

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The concepts that built the artfully absurd confections range from high fashion to playful kitsch. The tedious construction, attention to detail, and sheer patience bring raw materials like romantically rosy rhubarb and deep purple cabbage to life. All the more impressive is the fact that several of the designers are young novices, pushing the boundaries of art, original craftsmanship, and pure ridiculousness.

Constructing the edible ensembles isn't the only challenge, however. Donning the garments can be just as difficult. For example, this wedding dress made entirely of cream puffs (1,500 to be exact), weighs a whopping 20 pounds. If you thought that was bad, try sporting a gown composed of 50,000 gummy bears. Wearing 220 pounds of pure sugar sounds like a piece of cake, right? You are what you eat, and apparently, you are what you wear as well.

Whether the fare is sweet or savory, cooked or raw, one thing is for sure: fabricating food-based threads is an unusual and delicate undertaking. You might want to grab a snack for this fashion show, because these styles will have you drooling for more.

Chocolate Lindor Truffle Dress

This dress was crafted using Swarovski crystals and Lindt Chocolate's Lindor truffles. It is the perfect holiday cocktail dress for those with a sweet tooth (and an eye for the finer, sparkly things in life). Just make sure not to sit down all night long.  Fashion over function, right?

Rhubarb Wedding Dress

This ethereal frock employs delicate rhubarb paper to create a whimsical wedding dress. The entire "Taste the Unwearables" collection of fruit and vegetable-based fabrics revels in lightweight design complemented by vibrant hues. Summer salad, anyone?

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Additional reporting done by Dan Myers, The Daily Meal's Eat/Dine Editor.