McDonald's Employees Aren't Too Pleased When Adults Order Happy Meals

Working in a fast-food restaurant is definitely demanding, especially one as busy as McDonald's. Consider that the chain receives 69 million visitors every day at its worldwide locations. And while the establishment prioritizes efficiency in its operations, some orders are more complex than others to prepare. Take Happy Meals, for instance, which many staff workers find challenging to put together, particularly with drive-thru orders. In addition to the many options that come with McDonald's Happy Meals, customers often fail to order the item correctly.

For example, the McDonald's staff member working the drive-thru window must go through a series of questions when customers order this kid-friendly menu item, and they can't move on to the next steps until they receive answers. Unfortunately, many customers are unaware of the protocols for ordering Happy Meals, which leads to a lot of confusion at the drive-thru. Along with frustrating staff members, Happy Meals can also hold up the line, which is sure to raise the ire of other customers.

What options do you have when ordering a Happy Meal?

McDonald's currently offers a few Happy Meal options to customers. Along with the classic hamburger or cheeseburger, you can select a four-piece or six-piece order of chicken McNuggets. On the side, Happy Meals come with a child-sized order of fries and apple slices, as well as a beverage. Low-fat milk is the default beverage option, but customers can also request water, apple juice, or low-fat chocolate milk in its place. A lot of these specifications lead to the hold-up and confusion when it comes to placing an order.

Perhaps the most important choice (at least according to the young recipient of the Happy Meal) has to do with toy selection. McDonald's directs customers to a Happy Meal website for information on the current assortment of toys, but availability is likely to vary from location to location. It's also not uncommon for sought-after toys to run out quickly. While some worry that the presence of toys in fast-food meals negatively impacts childhood nutrition, Happy Meals should be fine for most kids when enjoyed in moderation, despite the consternation they cause for staff members.

How to make life easier when picking up fast-food

When ordering a Happy Meal, it helps to have all the choices picked out before placing the order. And remember that you must complete the Happy Meal order before moving on to other items. As for other helpful fast-food etiquette, virtually all establishments have a preview menu available before you pull up to the speaker box. If you don't know what you want, review the preview menu to ensure your order is ready when it's finally your turn.

Keep in mind that fast-food restaurants are often quite noisy as staff wait on customers. As a result, you must speak clearly when placing your order in a volume that's easy to hear over the din. Also, turn down the radio and ask any other people in the car with you to be quiet for a minute. When it comes to paying for your grub, have your money or card ready. You'll probably have a few minutes between when you order and when your food is ready, which is the perfect time to grab your wallet. With these tips, you can secure a Happy Meal for your little one (or yourself) with as little hassle as possible.