Host the Perfect Super Bowl Party

A guy’s guide to hosting the ultimate Super Bowl feast (with plenty of bacon, beer, and ‘brats)

When it comes to game day, there are a few ground rules: having the game on TV, good company, and some mouthwatering food and thirst quenchers to wash it all down with. But we’re not talking wings from the corner BBQ place and a couple of 12-packs of Bud here.

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Josh Sharkey, the chef and co-owner, along with Brandon Gillis, of Bark Dogs in Park Slope, Brooklyn, knows how to host a Super Bowl party. In years past, he has invited his buddies over to his apartment to watch the game. This year, Bark Dogs will host its first Super Bowl party at the restaurant, where they’ll be serving bacon-sweet chile wings and $2 Six Point beers on tap. (For those in New York used to seeing beer prices start at three to four times that, it’s a gift from above.)

If you’re looking for assistance hosting your Super Bowl party, Sharkey is happy to cater it. But there is some serious satisfaction that comes from tackling the feast yourself. To ensure it’s a success this year, he’s outlined a winning game plan for the night — because it’s hard to go wrong with sausages, beer, and bacon.

From what to serve to where to feast (and when), Sharkey outlines how to host a Super Bowl get-together for the record books. He even sets up a couple of bets, so guests can wager away the night should the game and commericials not provide enough stimulation. The best part? You're bound to have leftovers for lunch the next day, too.


Click here for Host the Perfect Super Bowl Party Slideshow.