13 GMO Awareness Organizations

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For further information on this complex issue, here are key online resources

Check out these organizations for GMO Awareness.

This is one in a series of stories; visit The Daily Meal Special Report: GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) for more.

A number of organizations are dedicated to educating consumers on GMO (and non-GMO) foods and providing extensive information on various aspects of this complex subject. The majority of these groups support non-GMO products and practices, but virtually all believe that people deserve to be informed on the issues and given the tools they need to make informed decisions of their own on the matter. One of the most vocal and influential of these groups is the Non-GMO Project, which you will find quoted in numerous places in this special report, but all of the sites below bring something important to the conversation. Here is a list of the most prominent national organizations addressing GMO issues:

For a list of local organizations by state:

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