12 Record-Breaking Weddings Around the World

Each of these world-record breaking weddings were epic in their own right

Learn the answers to who had the longest veil, the most expensive wedding cake slice and more!

You know in your lifetime you’ve attended one of those weddings. The one where the cake is a towering, 10-tiered confection, there are seven unbelievable entrée options and you are overwhelmed by the glamour of the entire venue. You can't help but gape in awe at the spectacle around you. Surely, some sort of record must have been broken today. While it is likely to be one of the best weddings you’ll ever attend, there are weddings that have featured actual records broken all around the world.

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To break a wedding record takes as much devotion as you have to your future partner. After all, there are a lot of different ways to break a wedding record. You could attempt to host the largest wedding reception ever, but you’d have to invite 150,001 of your closest friends to even break the record that was set in 1995. You want a wedding cake that towers over everyone’s? Be prepared to order a 15,033 pound wedding cake to beat the previous record!


With the help of Sara Wilcox at the Guinness World Records, we pulled together 12 record breaking weddings that will leave you speechless. From the longest veil to the youngest couple ever married, you’ll be shocked to learn what it takes to set a wedding record. To learn the facts and figures, check out our accompanying slideshow! We guarantee you’ll be amazed!