12 Most Romantic Wedding Cakes

Take a look at these beautiful, swoon-worthy wedding cakes

Whatever your style of romance, these wedding cakes are a beautiful collection of inspiration.

No matter how they are themed or silly they can get, weddings, at their core, are filled with romance. It is an overall feeling every wedding exudes. The colors vary, the centerpieces change but at the heart of every wedding, romance is something that transcends thematic preferences. So when it comes to choosing a style for a wedding, some couples think: why resist? Just give in to all of that good, romantic love!

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The idea of fashioning a wedding around a theme of romance may be daunting one. If all weddings are romantic, how can you narrow down a style that will work for you? When it comes to making decisions like these, choose elements that are classic, traditional, and easily modernized to your needs. Elements like soft colors, delicate flowers, and dainty details are always romantic. From there you can adjust how ornate or subtle you want to make your wedding, especially when it comes to choosing a wedding cake design.

Cakes are an art form — an edible art form for that matter. After all, a cake is not something that is simply eaten and forgotten; it makes a statement with how good it looks, how great it tastes, and it represents the dessert table as a whole.


You’re likely have a love affair of your own with the beautiful designs we found. From the floral wonders that tower several feet high to the simple details that delicately decorate smaller cakes, these delicious and decorative cakes are the embodiment of romance, each one whisking you away to a fairytale-like place.