12 Gifts Perfect For Party Hosts

She's the person who will pull together a meal for four with just a few hours notice. The guy who will never go as far as serving delivery pizza when the guys are over for the game ("If you're going to serve takeout, at least dress it up" is his motto). The person on your list who loves a party, and has hosting one down to a science. 

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So what do you get them when they have all the basics — the wineglasses, plates, silverware, and functional serving dishes — that get the job of serving people at a get-together done? Bringing something baked might be nice if you're on a budget, but not for your best friend or mother. Instead, think of the little statement items that pack a punch of style and can be used for a variety of occasions, be it a casual breakfast for four or a once-in-lifetime celebratory meal for a momentous birthday.

From wineglasses with a patch of chalkboard to ensure that no glass goes missing (or is emptied by someone else) over the course of a night and stylish cocktail napkins that look expensive and fancy but can be laundered and tossed after a couple of uses to a richly patterned tablecloth that can be both dressed up for a formal dinner party and also toted along to the beach for an impromptu picnic in the sand, we've selected 10 of our favorite statement-making items. There is something for every budget, and for every sort of person on your list who loves to throw a party. Santa, are you listening?

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