A Special Birthday Dinner Menu

What to serve for a celebratory dinner at home


There is no gift more generous than a homecooked meal prepared with care. The next time there is a birthday to celebrate, forget the loud and busy restaurant and instead have a dinner at home. Whether they’re turning 12 or 40, the birthday boy or girl will enjoy sharing a special meal surrounded by friends and family.

Start off the meal with a Champagne toast in the birthday person’s honor (or sparkling water and a splash of juice, for those not of age) and steamy popovers. After dinner, sing happy birthday as the birthday person is presented with a rich and chocolaty cake bedecked in candles — and don’t let them forget to make a wish!



Alice Waters’ Goat Cheese Salad

A simple and light salad from the famed Berkeley, Calif. chef.


Gluten-Free Popovers

While popovers may seem difficult to make, the batter is quite foolproof — the challenge is in the baking. Just remember to not peek when they’re in the oven, or their puffy tops might collapse with the influx of cold air. 


Chicken & Mushrooms

Riesling-braised chicken pieces are topped with a creamy mushroom sauce in this easy and delicious alternative to a whole roast chicken. 


Sweet Potato Gratin

The classic potato gratin gets a more colorful (and healthier) makeover in this earthy side dish.


Sexy Swiss Chard with Golden Raisins and Pumpkin Seeds

Who says you can't dress up your greens? The addition of sweet raisins and crisp pumpkin seeds makes eating sautéed Swiss chard a sweet and crispy treat! 


Sweet and Salty Cake


Chocolate and salted caramel are combined in this rich cake that comes from the famed Baked shop in Brooklyn, N.Y.