The 12 Dishes of Christmas

Renowned chef Charlie Palmer's talented team creates 12 new dinner ideas for you to serve this holiday

Sure, you always serve filet mignon on Christmas, but Charlie Palmer thinks you should serve it stuffed with lobster.

Although everyone loves a traditional Christmas meal, let’s face it: there are some of us out there looking to create something bigger and better than the typical Christmas dinner this year. Even those who won’t turn their back on their favorite rib roast sometimes want to try out a new twist on an old favorite and serve a classic dish redefined.

The 12 Dishes of Christmas

While there’s no shortage of recipe ideas available to use, no one can argue with seeking out some guidance from a professional. Enter Charlie Palmer, one of the most renowned and celebrated chefs and restaurateurs in America, who has spread his talents among 18 different restaurants and hotels throughout the country. Palmer is known for his Progressive American fare, a style of cooking known for unexpected and exciting flavor combinations that’s based on the fundamentals of traditional French cooking, and he demonstrates his mastery of the cuisine with 12 new holiday dishes created exclusively for The Daily Meal.

To help you with your holiday woes, Palmer and his team of talented chefs have come up with 12 different dishes for you to serve this Christmas. From a classic roast rib of beef to extravagant creations like a lobster-stuffed tenderloin, these recipes have "holiday" written all over them, but still remain unique and innovative — the quintessential Palmer style. Create these elegant dishes for your family and friends this year and you’ll take everything typical out of Christmas dinner.


Anne Dolce is the Cook Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @anniecdolce