12 Dinner Date Dealbreakers Slideshow

1. Not Waiting Until Your Date is Served Before Chowing Down

Even if you didn't eat anything for lunch, just because your burger came out piping hot before your date’s pan-roasted salmon doesn’t give you permission to dig in while s/he watches. The one exception to this rule: risotto. As the Italians say, the diner waits for risotto, it doesn't wait for the diner. When it's put in front of you, dig in. What, didn’t your parents teach you anything

2. Ordering the Wrong Thing (or Nothing at All)

You’ve been asked out on a date… for dinner. So isn’t it expected that you’ll come hungry and have something to eat? Ordering a side of steamed vegetables or a side salad doesn’t count (nor does skipping right to the dessert menu because you really want ice cream). And don’t even think about pulling out the “But I’m not hungry!” card. 

3. Eating and Emailing

I’m sorry — am I boring you?

Unless you’re pulling out your phone to show your date pictures from your hiking trip cross-country or to pull up information that pertains to your conversation, leave your smartphone tucked away, especially on the first date. 

4. Drinking the Wrong Thing

For one TDM editor, the date is instantly over if the guy orders a cosmo (even worse if he orders one for her). And if you're dining out at a nice restaurant, forget about ordering a Diet Coke (or asking if the refills are free). Can we say tacky?

5. Being Weird About Sharing

If you and your date have different tastes, that’s one thing, but a fear of sharing a steak? This is a major dealbreaker for comedian Aziz Ansari. I mean, aren't you dating to find someone you actually want to share a bunch of small plates with (or feed a bite of your entrée to)? It's also black or white for one TDM editor, “If you’re not into sharing, then I’m not into dating you.” 

6. Live-Tweeting (or Photographing) Your Meal

Snapping photos and tweeting about your meal when dining with friends is one thing, but if you’re trying to impress someone, pulling out your phone is not the way to do it. I mean, can’t you wait to tweet about that foie gras until you're at home?

7. Divulging Too Much About Your Food “Issues”

If you’re gluten-free and lactose intolerant, don’t repel your date with a list of things you can’t eat. The same is true if you’re a picky eater. If you’re going to get the gorgonzola, walnut, and pear salad without the cheese and nuts, and the dressing on the side, why not just ask for a plain green salad — or stay at home?

8. Ordering the Most Expensive Thing(s) on the Menu

Just because you’re being taken out to dinner doesn’t give you permission to order the $60 beef entrée with black truffles and then take two bites… (Unless you’re looking for a sugar momma/daddy — or willing to pay next time.)

9. Not Being Able to Pronounce Your Order

Now, not being able to pronounce that Austrian dish when ordering and asking for help is one thing, but butchering the pronunciation of some more common dishes (when all you need to do is ask)? You’d probably want to crawl and hide under the table, too, if when ordering your date asked, “Can I get one chicken fah-gee-ta and one baked zit-ty, Z-I-T-I… and two mo-gee-tos.”

P.S. That Italian toast topped with stuff is broos-ketta, not broo-shedda.

10. Not Using a Knife and Fork (Properly)

That means no cutting your chicken with the side of your fork, holding a fork in your fist as if you’re stabbing the meat while cutting, or aggressively sawing at it with your knife like a crazy person. Your date will surely look at you strangely — as will those around you.

11. Going Dutch on the First Date

If there is one line that is sure to send your date packing it's, “Don’t worry, you can pay me back later.


What, did you forget that it was YOU who asked the other person out?

12. Being Rude to Waitstaff (and Tipping Poorly)

If you're rude to the poor man or woman serving you dinner, how does your date know you won't be rude in other social situations? As one TDM editor said, “A little respect goes a long way — and it keeps your food (and your date’s) from being doused in spit.”


The same goes for stiffing your server out of their tip. Would you rather to do their job instead?


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