12 Airports with the Best Food Around the World

Airports are gateways to the cities they're in, and finally they're starting to do them proud


Anyone who has traveled back and forth for school or work with some regularity over the last ten years knows that, until very recently, airport food consisted of an Au Bon Pain sandwich, a Starbucks muffin, something sweet from Cinnabon, or a beer at some strange version of a bar you might have found in that airport’s city. First came expanded magazine choices, then came airport massage parlors and mini-spas, and finally there were just a few inklings, whispers even, of airports upping their food and beverage game.

With certain cities’ venerable eating establishments eyeing spots at international airports, wine bars found at more than a few airports worldwide, and local specialties served up in true form everywhere from Seattle to Austin to Singapore, it’s clear that airports are starting to focus more on flavor. They must have realized that there’s got to be something on the other side of the TSA that makes those full-body scans worthwhile.  

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is a leader in the pack of airports where you’d actually hope for a layover. Two good reasons (among others) come to mind pretty quickly: the airport’s Champagne and chocolate bars. Likewise, London’s Heathrow Airport has long had much-appreciated luxuries that other airports have lacked. With a Caviar House & Prunier in its confines, you’ll be crossing your fingers for longer delays and committing the airport map to memory.

With such iconic foodstuffs associated with the city, it’s no wonder that Chicago’s O’Hare Airport is home to such classic fare as Chicago-style hot dogs and Mexican tortas that travelers truly hanker for. Singapore’s Changi Airport, too, offers travelers a chance to sample authentic kaya toast — a treat the country is known for far and wide.

Whether you’re on a tiresome multi-leg journey or have just heard rumblings on an intercom about “further delays,” there are 12 airports where that no longer means some stale croissant or barely edible chicken fingers. It’ll mean another glass of Champagne and that last chocolate truffle.

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