Daily Meal Asks: What's Your Favorite Way To Order At A Restaurant? - Exclusive Survey

Like many culinary origin stories, the inventor of the modern restaurant is hotly disputed. National Geographic pinpoints 18th-century Paris as the most likely location, but the actual originator is undetermined. Some say that the achievement goes to "soup salesman" Monsieur Boulanger, while others cite Mathurin Roze de Chantoiseau as the inventor of the restaurant concept as we know it. Additionally, the era also featured communal, self-serve food options, similar to buffets, as well as street vendors who offered quick meals.

Regardless of who actually dreamed up the idea of restaurants, these establishments have traditionally utilized waitstaff to see to the needs of diners. As a profession, being a waiter or waitress requires an unbelievable amount of skill and fortitude. In addition to being both physically and mentally demanding, from lifting heavy trays to remembering complex orders, waitstaff must also offer friendly service to ensure a pleasant experience. While this has been the standard for many years, dining establishments can now utilize modern technology that takes the human element out of the equation. But is that really what patrons want?

Waiters and waitresses win the day among restaurant goers

An exclusive Daily Meal survey asked 588 people about their preferred ordering method when visiting a dining establishment. Unsurprisingly, placing an order via waitstaff comes out on top with 71.26% of the vote. In second place are restaurant tablets/kiosks, which can be installed on tables or situated in lobbies to allow patrons to order on their own. Of those who responded, 11.39% preferred this more modern option. As explained by Lightspeed, restaurant kiosks minimize the risk of errors, increase the upsell potential of menu items, and allow restaurant staff to work more efficiently.

In third place, 9.01% of people prefer ordering items through a restaurant's app, which has become a standard fixture at many dining establishments. Apps not only allow for convenient ordering, but they also offer rewards in the form of loyalty points. As for the fourth and fifth place, 7.31% of people prefer ordering their meals from the bar, while only 1.02% of those surveyed like to use third-party apps. Despite the many benefits offered by modern technology, it's clear that diners prefer the human experience when visiting their favorite establishments.