Where Is Bertello From Shark Tank Today?

Few foods manage to hit the spot quite like a slice of you're favorite pizza. A chewy base of tossed dough is paired with rich tomato sauce and covered in a blanket of melty cheese, resulting in an epic convergence of tastes and textures.

In the United States, pizza is a big business. In 2020, pizza restaurants made over $46 billion dollars in sales (via Statista). Though the pandemic caused nearly 3,000 pizza shops to close their doors, the peak of COVID-19 saw Americans ordering more pizza than ever. Domino's stock went up 40% during the lockdowns, with a single share costing $385, per The New York Times.

The hit series "Shark Tank" has featured several companies that have capitalized on the lucrative pizza market. Table 87 Coal Oven Pizza, a purveyor of artisan coal-fired and flash-frozen pizzas, earned $250,000 from Lori Greiner. Another pizza company, Bertello, also negotiated an investment from the sharks.

Bertello's pizza impressed the Sharks

Bertello is the brainchild of the Bert brothers, Andy and Eric (via Shark Tank Global). The company sells personal outdoor pizza ovens that use a mix of propane and wood power. Constructing a DIY pizza oven in your backyard is possible, but the availability of professionally-made alternatives like the Bertello oven makes that unnecessary. Bertello appeared on episode 15 of Shark Tank in season 11.

Initially, the Bert brothers asked the sharks for $120,000, which could come with a 10% stake in the company. Though the prospective investors were roundly wowed by the fresh-made pizza pie, both Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec ultimately decided against investing. However, Barbara Corcoran eventually agreed to the initial investments, but she wanted 25% of the company. She was also critical of Eric Bert's energy level. When Kevin O'Leary offered $120,000 for 30%, the Bert brothers negotiated down to 25%, and accepted O'Leary's deal, ignoring Corcoran's identical offer.

Bertello's saucy success since Shark Tank

Ultimately, the Bert brothers decided that Kevin O'Leary would be a better partner for Bertello, as they were put off by Barbara Corcoran's hesitation and criticism, per ABC. The duo lucked out by avoiding a deal with shark Robert Herjavec, who almost burned down the studio with a Bertello oven after their pitch, USA Today tells us.

Just one day after appearing on "Shark Tank," the company garnered $75,000 worth of sales (via Bertello Oven). Unfortunately, less than a week after Bertello's time on "Shark Tank," the first wave of COVID-19 lockdowns rocked the nation. The pair were forced to turn their attention to the online sphere, where they hoped they could profit from the sudden influx of home cooks.

According to the Pioneer Press, the Bert brothers' personal pizza oven has proved to be a resounding success. The company has earned well over $6 million since appearing on "Shark Tank." Bertello has gone beyond simply selling outdoor ovens, and now offers a line of pizza dough.