Williams-Sonoma's Famous Peppermint Bark Has Officially Returned

To celebrate the start of the holiday season, Williams-Sonoma's famous peppermint bark is back in stores. The brand best known for its home goods introduced the peppermint-infused chocolate in 1998, per a press release. But if America had been chowing down on commercial peppermint bark candy for decades before Williams-Sonoma came along (per a 1966 ad in the St. Petersburg Times), what made the brand's take on this classic treat steal the holiday show?

The company states that its peppermint candy is the most worthy of December 25 because of its recipe. According to Williams-Sonoma, its peppermint bark recipe includes Guittard chocolate (a brand that's been in the chocolate game since 1868, per its website) and peppermint oil. 

Clearly, the brand's formula is a winning one. According to Delish, Americans have plowed through 5 million 1-pound tins of the company's peppermint bark in the last decade. And now, Williams-Sonoma is celebrating the season with a whopping 22 peppermint bark-themed treats.

Plenty of ways to enjoy the holiday treat

Williams-Sonoma isn't playing any reindeer games with its holiday collection — there are 22 peppermint bark treats in stock this season, per a press release.

Eager customers can buy a 1- or 2-pound box of the traditional dessert, with a starting price of $29.95 for the 1-pound box. And if you can't decide which flavor of peppermint bark you should add to your holiday candy stash, Williams-Sonoma is also offering a peppermint bark sampler that features its original, salted peppermint, and dark chocolate treats for $49.95. Looking for a cake for your holiday party? The company is selling a peppermint bark cake for $89.95 and an ice cream cake for $99.95.

Once you figure out which treats you'll be putting under the tree this year, you should know that you'll only be able to buy Williams-Sonoma's peppermint bark on its website or in its stores. As is true every year, this holiday treat will only last as long as the supply does.