Which Discontinued Fast Food Item Do You Want To Return? Here's What Fast Food Lovers Say - Exclusive Survey

From Pizza Hut's Taco Pizza to Burger King's roast beef sandwich, more than a few things that have graced the menus of our favorite fast-food establishments have been tragically ripped away. Whether the offering is a limited-time addition or just not popular enough to stick around, the reasoning doesn't change our passionate wishes to have it all back. 

But, hey, it's not all bad — discontinued fast-food items have come back from the dead before. Just look at the massive celebrations surrounding the May return of the Mexican Pizza to Taco Bell's menus (per CNN).

If you're still mourning the loss of your favorite grab-and-go meal, not all hope is lost. While countless fans have menu items they miss from establishments like McDonald's and Wendy's, some are yearned for more than others. With that in mind, Daily Meal conducted a survey to see what major fast-food loss stung customers the most.

The most upsetting pulls from fast-food menus

Thanks to an exclusive Daily Meal survey of 582 consumers, we now know which fast-food items people want back the most. For a majority of respondents, the answer is the McDonald's Snack Wrap, with 30.07% of participants voting for the item. According to the McDonald's website, one iteration of the wrap consisted of a piece of fried chicken, spicy mayonnaise, lettuce, and cheese wrapped in a tortilla. (The power is in its simplicity.) Petitions are still circulating around the web for its re-release, per Change.org.

Coming in second for most wanted to return is the Taco Bell Enchirito, with 18.04% of the votes — and there's good news on that front. From November 17 to November 30, the cheesy delight is making a short comeback to menus nationwide, per CNET. Coming in third place we have the KFC Double Down, with 15.98% of people saying they miss this the most. The meat-lover's paradise consisted of two pieces of chicken with bacon, cheese, and barbecue sauce sandwiched in between (via KFC). 

The next most beloved items were Jack in the Box's Cheesy Macaroni Bites with 12.71% of the votes, McDonald's Szechuan Sauce with 11.86%, and Shake Shack's Shack-cago Dog with 11.34%. If it happened for the Mexican Pizza, it's possible these items could return to menus as well.