101 Best Casseroles

101 Best Casseroles

There’s are so many delicious casseroles out there, and these are the very best!

There’s something wonderfully satisfying about taking leftovers, pantry staples, and any miscellaneous ingredients you may have on hand, combining them in an oven-safe dish, topping them with cheese or breadcrumbs (or both!), and baking them to golden perfection. In the end, you have made something far greater than the sum of its parts: a warm, comforting casserole. While there’s no set definition as to what a casserole is, most will agree on the oven-baked-dish-that-elevates-common-ingredients definition.

101 Best Casserole Recipes

Casseroles are popular for many reasons: Most are easy to make, cost very little to produce, and can be made ahead and stored away for busy nights. And, despite the misconception that casseroles are cold-weather meals best eaten during the fall and winter, there are a number of light, fresh casseroles that make great use of spring and summer produce.

We’ve rounded up 101 fantastic casserole recipes to fit any taste, lifestyle, occasion, or budget. Whether you’re looking for a chicken casserole, something with spice, or a delicious vegetarian option, we’ve got a few choices for you, so read on to discover 101 of our best casserole recipes.

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Kristie Collado contributed to this roundup.

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101 Best Casserole Recipes