10 Wackiest Wine And Beer Labels

We don't judge a book by its cover, but a drink by its label? We're only human, after all. We rounded up 10 wine and beer brands that caught our attention on the shelves, thanks to clever packaging, provocative names, and even that guaranteed eye-catcher, a bit of exposed skin.

Royal Blush: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... unless you're Prince Harry, in which case what happens in Vegas is later commemorated with a bottle of rosé. Sheldon's Wines recently released Royal Blush wine — the label is a reproduction of artist Dan Lacey's painting of a nude Harry playing a game of strip pool.

LMAO!!!: Understated it is not. TXT Cellars snooped in a teenager's cellphone (we figure), and came out with a whole collection of talkative options — have your pick of LMAO!!!, WTF!!!, LOL!!!, OMG!!!, and more. OMG indeed.

Vas Deferens Ale: If you've ever wished to be slightly terrified while enjoying a nice cold one after work, this ale from Caldera Brewing Company certainly delivers, in terms of both label and name.

Cornish Mead Wine: Here's one wine bottle you won't want to throw in the recycling (and not just because your neighbors give you weird looks when you haul an empty case outside every couple of days). This tattoo-inspired bottle is almost too beautiful to drink. Almost.

Duff Beer: Simpsons fans, rejoice. The legendary Duff beer is real, in the form of a German pilsner (and an energy drink, if you plan to figure out a way to live on Duff alone).

Help Is Here: In case of emergency, uncork and enjoy this Swanson Vineyards red. The brand crowdsourced this bold label from more than 8,000 submissions from its online community.

Skinny Blonde: This lager (low-carb, naturally) may not look particularly innovative at first, but the magic happens once you take it home. As you drink, the label changes and the skinny blonde goes topless. Is it any surprise the brand's founders came up with the idea during a night of drinking?

Totally Random: Sometimes the best occasion for wine is no occasion at all, so you can't go wrong having a Totally Random bottle on hand — especially when it comes to you from Big Ass Winery.

Blonde Bombshell: A blonde bombshell is welcome at any dinner party, especially in the form of this wine label from Jeff Booth, modeled after classic Hollywood horror films.

Mommy's Time Out: This Italian wine calls it like it sees 'em. Who knew getting put in time out gets so much more fun as an adult?

— Diana Vilbert, The Drink Nation

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