10 Tips for Backyard Tailgating

Host an at-home tailgate that's as good as one in the stadium lot

If your favorite team is away this weekend, host an at-home backyard tailgate!

Any season-ticket-holder will tell you that they live for the lot. Tailgating is an essential part of the football experience. But when your team is away, tailgating at the stadium is totally out. What is a football fanatic to do? If you are one of the forlorn souls stuck in town on an away game Sunday, you can host an at-home tailgate to ease the pain.

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Many will try to duplicate the success of tailgates in parking lots and stadiums, but planning the ultimate tailgate at home is much different from attending one in the lot. While you may have a love of the game, you're missing that competitive atmosphere that makes a tailgate more invigorating. When it comes to creating a home-based tailgate, you aren’t just planning a party, you are creating an experience to help fill the void. It is your job to transform your backyard into a space as cool as the tailgate section. 

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There are many benefits to being at home for a tailgate. You have access to your full kitchen for tasty snacks, you get to use indoor plumbing all day, and you have a chance to start a new tradition. Whether guests want to focus on the big game, the drinking, the dancing, or activities, always keep them busy.  If you follow these tips, they can be used as a guide to pull off the perfect tailgate without leaving your yard!