10 Session Beer Spots

The top places to go and gulp with abandon

Many North American breweries and bars occasionally offer beer choices at 4.5% or below; finding those with a year-round dedication to them is a greater challenge. Here are 10 favorite spots.


Amalgamated Brewing — St. Louis

The flagship of this south St. Louis micro, located in the historic stables of the old Lemp brewery, is a flavorful, 4.4%-ABV Zoigl-style lager.


Brewer's Union Local 180 — Oakridge, Ore.

Amid mountain-biking paradise, this British-inspired brewpub specializes in cask ales, including several below 4% strength.


The Diamond — Brooklyn, N.Y.

One of the few bars we found with dedicated taps and bottles for beers below 4.5%. 


Grand River Brewing — Cambridge, Ontario  

Dedicated to beers below 5% ABV, including the Galt Knife Old Style Lager at 4.4%.


Hair of the Dog — Portland, Ore.

In what might be a sign of the apocolypse, this brewery famed for its barleywines recently began releasing a Little Dog series of ales around 3.5% ABV.