10 Proposal-Worthy Trips

10 rose-colored vacations to inspire getting down on one knee

Blackberry Farm

A marriage proposal is a high-pressure situation — there’s the whole yes-or-no question, finding the right ring, and deciding on the perfect, unforgettable location for it all to go down. Choosing the right place is particularly tricky. You want romance, but not the cavity-inducing Hallmark kind; you want nostalgia, but not so much that you’re the guy proposing in front of Cinnabon because of an inside joke; and you want originality, but you don’t want to be the one to find out why no one else has proposed there. So here are 10 wanderlust-inspired, proposal-worthy places that are a balanced mix of all the right ingredients.

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Of course, loved ones come in all types — adventurers, homebodies, jet-setters, discoverers — so where one soon-to-be-fiancée might savor the quiet of the English countryside, another might prefer the breathless fun of skiing out West, and still another would never forget indulging in dinner on the beach in Thailand. And while they can’t guarantee that illustrious “yes,” these destinations can set the scene unlike any other, with stunning views, activities to bring you closer together, and perhaps most importantly, meals so good you’ll actually remember what you were eating when you popped the question.

Some places are classics for a reason — Paris, Central Park, and Lake Como all have that indefinable quality that takes a holiday from just a week off work to a life-changing experience. They are also home to some of the most perfect facilities for impressing your beloved, like Paris’ "love locks" along the Pont des Arts, the horse and carriage romance of Central Park, and the once-in-a-lifetime luxe of Villa d’Este.  Then, there are places that let you go off the grid just enough that the moment is infinitely more intimate, like the incredible luxury of the Amanwana resort on the Indonesian island of Moyo.

Be warned, though, no matter where you choose to get down on one knee, these proposal trips will set the bar pretty high for that honeymoon you’ll be planning soon.