10 Outrageously Expensive Dishes Around the World

Some meals around the world are so expensive you may need to take out a bank loan just to sample them

Norma's Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata is made with special sevruga caviar and, contrary to the name, actually only costs around $1,000.

Most people don’t mind paying a little extra for a really good steak, especially if it’s made from delicious Kobe beef. Sometimes you may even be willing to fork out a little extra cash for a gourmet lobster dinner… but would you still do it if that lobster came with flakes of edible gold leaf and set you back more than a thousand dollars?

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Around the world, chefs are challenging themselves to create some decadently expensive meals. From an absurdly expensive bagel at the Westin Hotel in New York City (made with white truffle and gold leaves), to an omelette made with a whole lobster that’ll cost around $1000 (also in New York City, incidentally), to an English soup made with shark’s fin which all costs just under $200 — people are whipping up dishes with rare and expensive ingredients and charging an arm and a leg for them.

What’s perhaps even more outrageous is that their fancy clientele is more than willing to pay for it. Some of these dishes need to be ordered in advance and have a weeks-long waiting list for them. Others are not big sellers: like Arnaud’s Strawberries in New Orleans, which comes with a diamond ring and is generally reserved for really over-the-top proposals (though at a price point of over $3 million, selling just one of these dishes every few months should be more than enough to cover your rent bill).

Think that’s excessive? Read on to learn more about some of the world’s most outrageously expensive dishes.

Chocolate Pudding — Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel, England

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate pudding? from the guests at the Lindeth Howe Country Hotel better if they plan on ordering one. This one is made with the best quality chocolate on the planet which is molded into the shape of Fabergé egg and served with layer upon layer of champagne jelly. It’s then topped with edible gold leaf and served with champagne and caviar. The whole thing is then topped off with a diamond. Don’t think you can order this à la carte though… you’ll need to pre-order this dessert at least two weeks in advance.

Price: $35,000

Westin Hotel Bagel —New York City

What’s your favorite bagel topping? Cream cheese? Lox? Perhaps if you feel like splurging a bit, you’ll opt for some smoked salmon or even caviar? One New York chef decided to push the bagel envelope by adding white truffle cream cheese, goji berry-infused Riesling jelly, and topped with gold leaves making it the world’s most expensive bagel (mostly because white truffles are the second most expensive food on the planet). It was designed to help raise funds for Les Amis d’Escoffier Scholarship, which raises funds for needy students of the culinary arts.

Price: $1000


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