10 More Unusual Wedding Cakes Slideshow


1. Topsy Turvy Apple Bushel Cake

The last thing a bride wants to see on her wedding day is her cake toppling over to one side. But for one bride who commissioned this cake from Tiffany’s Baking Company near Asheville, N.C., it's exactly what she wanted — a rustic yet uniquely memorable cake to share with her guests on her big day (yes, in the middle of apple season).

2. Chariot Cake

What bride doesn’t want to be a princess on her big day? A big white dress, sparkling shoes, maybe even a tiara to anchor her veil. But where does the chariot await? At the reception, of course.


Inspired by the sleigh cake they created for Shaquille O’Neal and his wife Shauney, Beverly Hills-based Rosebud Cakes created this tower of quilted pillows for one lady-in-waiting. And no, it didn’t turn back into a pumpkin at the end of the night.

3. Vintage Microphone Cake

When a talented vocalist is marrying an equally accomplished guitarist in a vintage-style ceremony, there is only one kind of cake appropriate for the occasion — a vintage amp and microphone set, like the one here created by Celebrity Cake Studio in Tacoma, Wash.

4. Romance in Paris Cake

For the Francophiles who have always dreamt of marrying under the Tour d’Eiffel and celebrating with Champagne and Epoisses, but can’t afford a wedding overseas, do as one couple did and bring Paris home with this layered cake from San Diego’s The French Gourmet bedecked in romantic black and white images pasted onto chocolate. 

5. Hummingbird Cake

Just because you're wearing white on your wedding cake doesn't mean your cake has to. Just look at this five-layer creation made by Rosebud Cakes for one couple with a passion for hummingbirds. Surrounded by lilypads, the cake features decadent designs inspired by the couple's lush hummingbird garden and is topped off with a nest — and a fluttering bird. 

6. Lighthouse Cake

For couples that are getting married by (or who have a love of) the sea, you might expect to see a tower of turquoise-blue layers, decorated perhaps by starfish and seashells, not a lighthouse. Though this cake, made by Celebrity Cake Studio, might be tricky to cut, it’s a fitting addition to an aquarium wedding with an ocean theme.

7. Giving Tree Cake

Inspired by The Giving Tree, the beloved children’s book by Shel Silverstein, this is not your ordinary wedding cake — or tree stump. From the wedded couple’s initials carved into the bark, to a replica of the bride’s bouquet, the cake, crafted by Tiffany’s Baking Company, is a nod to the couple’s occupation as elementary school teachers, and is an unexpected, but delightfully memorable, alternative to more traditional cakes.

8. Vase Cake

It’s a cake that defies gravity and is also a vase. Crafted by Rosebud Cakes, the lines are elegant enough for even the most traditional affairs, but the mysteriously suspended top tier always mystifies guests — how do they do it?

10. A Cake with Flames

You wouldn’t expect to see a cake covered in flames — or topped with skeleton figures, for that matter — at a wedding. Kind of sinister. But for one couple getting married on Día de los Muertos (Nov 1-2), in a cemetery nonetheless, this cake created by Rosebud Cakes was the fitting tribute to those who couldn’t be with them on the special day.

9. A Room-Inspired Cake

When planning their wedding cake, most brides turn to magazines, flowers, and the chosen color palette for inspiration and guidance. Still lacking ideas? Turn to your surroundings for inspiration, if you’re lucky enough to celebration in a space as beautiful as the Arctic Club Ballroom in Seattle.


Crafted by Celebrity Cake Studio, this masterpiece reflects all the architectural details of the room, from paneled doors on the walls up to a topper inspired by the glass domed ceiling.