10 Amazing Groom's Cakes

From giant-sized stripers to a box of stogies, these celebratory cakes are far from ordinary


When you think of groom’s cakes, you might think of the armadillo cake, a Southern tradition that a bride would surprise her husband-to-be with, in addition to her own towering white creation. Once rarely seen at weddings (at least outside of the South), more and more brides today are commissioning amazing, artful creations in their man’s honor.

For the man who loves his barbecue, surprise him with a replica of his at-home (or dream?) smoker. If cars are more his style, buy him his set of dream wheels — same color, make, and model — but made from sugar, of course. Do you find your husband-to-be married to his iPad or BlackBerry? There's a cake for that, too. And don’t forget man’s best friend! If you’re ever worried that your groom loves his dog more than you, let him know who comes first (you), then surprise him with an precise replica of the four-legged friend.

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Unlike a wedding cake, groom's cakes are traditionally darker and smaller than the bride’s own towering white creation. (Though if this fish is smaller than the wedding cake, we’re curious to see how big that was!) And while the wedding cake is typically enjoyed during the reception, the groom’s cake isn’t always served then, too. Tradition holds that guests could be sent home with a slice of the cake (and the single ladies would sleep on their slice, in hopes of finding their man one day soon), but they can also be enjoyed whenever the couple wishes — at the rehearsal dinner, for the bridal party after the reception, or solely for the newlyweds as a sweet start to their new life. But if we filled this cake with real stogies, would you want to share it at your wedding reception?

While the origin of the first grooms cake are unknown, one thing is for sure — these amazing cakes masterminded by the bride for her groom are certainly far from ordinary. 


Click here to see the 10 Amazing Groom's Cakes Slideshow.