10 Lavish Athlete Parties


Want to party like these athletes? See how they get down.

Life is a beautiful thing, so we can live it up and celebrate every now and then.

We go out for one expensive dinner, treat ourselves to one fancy cocktail. But if you are an all-star athlete, celebrations are never few and far between. Whether an Olympian or NBA star, you can be sure to see them taking a break from training to knock back a few, and do it in extravagant style.

See how Athletes party hearty here!

The world of sports and spending is nothing new to fans. Recently, ESPN featured a documentary exploiting the world of frivolous sports spending in their 30 for 30 premier of Broke.

For instance, with Curt Schilling’s first pay check, he asked to receive it in $20 bills and proceeded to scatter it on his bed before he laid down on it to watch TV. Bernie Kosnar was once paying for 60 cell phone plans at one time. Evander Holyfield dropped serious money to have two bowling alleys put in his mansion.

Though many players have gone broke from excessive spending, todays athletes aren’t paying their elders any mind. In addition to grandiose homes and expensive toys, athletes drop thousands on the thrill of a good time. After all, if you became a national champion, how could you not spend $200,000 on your bar tab, like the Miami Heat?


And for your next birthday party, rent a yacht and host a mind blowing party with a celebrity guest list like James Harden. Whether celebrating a birthday, retirement or championship, professional athletes always score big on the partying field.