10 Inspiring Valentine’s Day Wedding Cakes

Fall in love with these absolutely beautiful wedding cake designs

Valentine Wedding

Everyone has a different wedding style. Brides-to-be and grooms alike pick themes that represent their relationship whether it be a traditional affair or a quirky party. The colors vary, the centerpieces change but at the heart of every wedding there is something that transcends thematic preferences: romance.

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Weddings, no matter how themed or silly they can get are at their core filled with the romantic and timeless notion of beginning the rest of your life with someone you love. And what could be more romantic than getting married on the day that celebrates love to the fullest? A Valentine’s Day themed wedding can be a lovely and sweet way to begin a married life together and offers up a ton of potential decorative options. Of course, this includes an ornate, lovely Valentine’s Day inspired wedding cake.

From red and pink inspired colors to adorable hearts, the wedding cake options are endless. And if you are thinking about planning a Valentine’s Day wedding, you may want to consider some of these designs. We know you’ll fall in love with the Victorian inspired cake, the ruffled red confection and the gorgeous heart ombre cake we found from some amazing bakers! To see all of our favorite Valentine's Day inspired cakes, check out our slideshow!


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