Jennifer Hudson

The 15 Most Inspiring Celebrity Weight Loss Stories

We admire these stars for getting fit and trim
Jennifer Hudson

If these stars can get fit, you can too!

Whether it's a matter of shedding excess baby weight from a recent pregnancy, figuring out what a proper portion of chicken actually is, or breaking that fast food habit, losing weight is a difficult endeavor that no one in their right mind looks forward to. And that includes celebrities. When it comes to counting calories, the rich and famous surely have a bit of extra help on their side. Hollywood money can buy fitness coaches, chefs, personal trainers, and even a tummy tuck here and there. But no matter who you are, the sight of a treadmill or a plate of vegetables is enough to depress you a little bit.

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Despite their status and riches, stars are just like us. Actors, musicians, TV personalities, and even famous chefs have struggled with weight issues. And imagine what the pressure of a few extra pounds can mean to someone who can expect to routinely be pictured in magazines!

It may be tempting for affluent celebrities to take the easy way out (and many do on the down-low), just as many famous folks lose excess weight just like the rest of us — with good old-fashioned hard work.

So you may not have a star’s budget and resources, but you sure as heck can have their work ethic — and the knowledge that, in some cases, losing weight really can be the difference between a healthy or unhealthy life. So to see 15 celebrities who have successfully lost weight (and maintained that loss), check out this slideshow.

Lindsay Burgess and Carolyn Menyes contributed to this report.