10 Inns Worth Dining In

For a weary traveler, it's incredibly appealing to have a meal of a lifetime waiting just downstairs from your room. The best part? Only needing to head back upstairs to sleep it off. A cozy inn that serves delicious food recalls a different era, when guests would change for dinner and mingle over aperitifs. We found some noteworthy spots in New Brunswick, Canada, that inspired a look at inns that are a foodie's dream weekend getaway.

Set in gorgeous locales like the Shenandoah Valley and Sonoma Wine Country, the 10 inns offer a chance to recharge and relish the luxuries in life, whether great food and drink or a languorous afternoon nap. Not all B&Bs serve a breakfast that's worth waking up for, but our picks will have you wanting to stay in for every meal. In fact, these inns are so famous for their dining that people travel for miles to stay and eat, making them true destination restaurants.

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