10 Ideas for a Prom Proposal with Food

Your date won’t be able to say no to these adorable prom proposals
Food Prom Proposals
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Get a prom date with these amazing proposal ideas.

When you’re a teenager, prom is a big deal. In fact, when you’re an adult, prom is still a big deal. The nostalgic romance of one last night spent with friends and your special someone — choosing the dress, renting the limo, planning around the cheesy theme your school has selected … the list goes on and on.

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But before any of the planning begins, you have to get a date, and in order to do that, you (or your crush) has to formulate the perfect prom invitation. We’re not talking about a mere verbal invite or a scribbled note; we’re talking about creative genius. We are talking about a prom invitation unlike any other.

We’ve compiled a list of fun, creative ways to ask your special someone to prom… with food. That’s right, food. Because, c’mon, at the end of the day who doesn’t love an invite to prom spelled out in pepperoni on your favorite pizza?

If your crush is a chocoholic or a sushi fanatic, we’ve got the perfect plan for your prom invitation. I mean, why ask your loved one to prom over the phone when you can spell it out in handcrafted sushi rolls? Now this may be a bit over the top for some of the more timid students out there, but lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list that’s suitable for everyone.

So, whether you’re planning on spelling out your invitation in sushi rolls or monogramming M&Ms, we guarantee these sweet invitations will impress your special someone, and get you that “yes” you’ve been hoping for. So, don’t stress about prom this year. Spend less time worrying and more time planning the perfect invitation.

Starbucks Order

Starbucks prom proposal.

If you’re looking for something simple and cute — stick to Starbucks. When the barista asks for your name, tell him/her it’s “PROM?” — because honestly, there’s nothing sweeter than a prom invite written on your favorite Frappuccino.

Candy Bouquet

Candy prom proposal

Maybe you’re looking for something more romantic. Try a bouquet of lollipops or candies, tied up in a bow with a cute note attached. Have it delivered, and make sure the candies are all hand selected. After all, details matter. Or steal this cute candy poem to impress your future prom date with your word-smith skills!

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