10 Great Kids Party Ideas Gallery


Alice in Wonderland Party

For the little girl who loves make-believe, host an Alice in Wonderland party inspired by this fête from Tabitha at Fresh Mommy Blog.


After hopping down the rabbit hole, guests emerged into a backyard that had been transformed into Wonderland, complete with dress-ups, flower and feather-adorned hats, lots of pink, and sweet, sticky treats to enjoy. The theme was even carried through to the carefully designed invitation, which included a small skeleton key that the kids were asked to bring with them to unlock a secret treasure.

Cars Themed Birthday

For a two year-old obsessed with cars and Cars' Lightning McQueen, Danielle at Belleza e Luce transformed the inside of a gymnasium into the ultimate vehicle-themed party. Each child came wearing their pit pass (which doubled as the party invitation, complete with lanyard) and enjoyed activities like fishing for used auto parts at Tow Matters with a magnet rod before refueling on drinks and snacks at Fillmore’s and Flo’s. Of course they had to get their tire prints (fingerprints) registered for their Radiator Springs driver’s license before they were able to race in the Grand Prix!

Teddy Bear Picnic

What is better than being able to bring your favorite teddy bear (or stuffed animal) along with you to a party? Inspired by the classic folk song and her children’s love of going on picnics (and their stuffed animals), Tonya Staab created a bears and bees-themed party for her twins. Guests picked out their own bear ears or bee antennae headbands, enjoyed an array of activities, before enjoying a picnic lunch and a beehive cake. 

Pirate Party

For young boys who’d rather captain their own ship like Jack Sparrow than do their homework at night, throw them a pirate-themed birthday like this party from Katie of Eitak Designs.


Invitations were printed on parchment and rolled like a scroll and inserted in plastic bottles that were sent in the mail. The day of the party, the living room was transformed into the deck of a ship (including a hawksnest) and a Jolly Roger flag hanging out front. Of course, the kids were challenged to walk the plank and play an X marks the spot game (like pin the tail) in true pirate fashion.

Princess and the Pea Party

What young girl doesn’t love princesses and the color pink? In creating this party for her daughter, Jodi at Paintchips and Cupcakes drew inspiration from the Hans Christian Andersen classic, The Princess and the Pea. After activities like face-painting, nail polishing, and decorating crowns and wands, the princesses — wearing pajamas — sat down to a meal of pancakes, sitting on little cushions just like those on the bed in the fairytale. The one question remaining: did anyone feel the pea?

Harry Potter Party

For the child who spends their time thinking about the world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts, give him or her a chance to travel to Platform 9 ¾.


Created for a seven year-old who reads the books nightly with his father, Tina at RSVP Please made sure that this Harry Potter-themed party was “real” to even those who had not read the book. After being divided into "houses" according to the Sorting Hat's suggestions, guests had the chance to create their own drinkable concoction in "Potions" class or shop in the candy store for Harry’s favorite sweets. They even got to take home a bottle of "butter beer" in their goody bag.

Butterfly Tea Party

Inspired by a tea set bedecked in pink, sage green, and light blue butterflies, Andrea at Sweet Bambinos created this magical tea party for her daughter’s sixth birthday. Guests had a chance to build their own cloth dolls and assemble pearl necklaces and bracelets. Afterwards, the girls (and their dolls) sat down to tea (milk or juice) for two served in real tea cups, along with tea sandwiches, mini hot dogs, and lots of miniature sweets. Andrea herself created the beautiful floral decorations and centerpieces.

Vintage Train Party

For the little boy obsessed with trains, host a train-themed birthday (no Thomas the Tank Engine here). Inspired by a vintage-style ‘Choo Choo I’m 2’ t-shirt, Lori at Paper & Thread Studio wove the concept and phrase throughout the party décor. 


Before riding on a trackless train throughout the neighborhood, the kids each got a to-go bag with kid- and party-friendly foods that they could bring along on their adventure. Cupcakes, topped with miniature trains made out of caramel, were arranged in a train track formation atop a table to await the children’s return.

Owl-Themed Birthday Party

Look whoo-whoo’s turning ten! For the child who loves the nocturnal birds, throw an owl-themed birthday inspired by this celebration from Jenny at Jenny Cookies. The décor was inspired by a set of sheets with an owl detail and each child was outfitted with owl wings and masks. Activities included making owls out of pinecones, painting ceramic owls, and dancing (like owls?) to songs like the Chicken Dance and the Hokey Pokey. Inspired by how owls perch in trees, slices from tree stumps served as the display for the cake and a variety of sweet pops and treats.

Superhero Party

For the child that dreams of saving Gotham (or the world) from evil, let them channel their inner Batman (or Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman… even He-Man or She-Ra) at a superhero-themed birthday party.


Instead of asking kids to wear their favorite superhero costume for her son’s outdoor party, Jennifer at Ambrosia Girl created plain black capes and masks for each guest and wrapped each in a special brown paper package. With sticky felt, the kids decorated their capes emblazoned with their first initial. Armed with their new superhero garb and their active imaginations, the children didn’t need much more to enjoy the party (except for a stop at the candy and snack bar to refuel).