10 Fantastic Wine Cocktails

Recipes for some favorite wine-based drinks to make this summer

Pink Grapefruit-Champagne Cocktail

Think of wine cocktails and the obvious generally comes to mind: Sangria, Mimosas.

Not to discount the classics — there are wonderfully creative renditions of Sangria to be had, one made with sparkling rosé, for example, another that doesn't require soaking any fruit — but the wine cocktail category goes beyond just these. Instead of mixing Champagne with orange juice, use the sparkling wine as a base for a unique Margarita. Or why not look beyond simply using red or white wines and experiment with something like sherry or port?

Spruce up cocktail hour by checking out these 10 favorite recipes.


Adonis Cocktail

This simple but elegant cocktail, a mix of equal parts fino sherry and sweet vermouth, makes a great apéritif. A favorite of creator Dan Greenbaum, bar manager at New York City's The Beagle, he describes it as "dry, sharp, with a nice acidity — one of those drinks that could work with any food."


Summer Rosé Sangria

Sangria is like summer's cocktail anthem, so good you just can't help but keep going back for more. Thoughtful additions like an herb sachet (lavender, sage, thyme, mint), ruby red grapefruit juice, and sparkling rosé set this rendition apart. Says creator Ryan Paykert, beverage manager at Chicago's Terzo Piano, "This concoction has a flavor that is captivating — balanced, not too sweet or tart — it reflects the true flavors of summer." Click here for more favorite Sangria recipes.


The Fizzy Grape

This refreshing wine cocktail gets the double grape juice treatment — adding Moscato Spumante to muddled fresh red and green grapes.


Champagne Margarita

Famed chef Rick Bayless describes this drink as "the best of both sides of the Atlantic" — a bracing, steely Champagne combined with a tangy, limey Margarita.



Red wine and Coca-Cola may sound like an odd pair, and while it is certainly unique, the combination works surprisingly well. Stemming from the Basque "Kalimotxo," the 50/50 wine-soda mixture strikes an impressively nice balance of sweet and fruity.


Frozen MoscaTOE Lemonade

Frozen cocktails are a summer staple, but this recipe takes a unique approach by adding sparkling wine to the mix. Combined with pomegranate juice and fresh lemon juice, this effervescent refresher is sure to be a poolside favorite.