Lay's Natural & Cool Kiwi-Flavor Chips from 10 Crazy Potato Chip Flavors Slideshow

10 Crazy Potato Chip Flavors Slideshow

Lay's Natural & Cool Kiwi-Flavor Chips

A fruit-flavored chip for when you just can't deal with peeling that kiwi. Natural and cool?

Jiminy Chips

Jiminy Chips' Chocolate Marshmallow Potato Chips

For those who like salty and sweet.

Kettle Chips Cheddar Beer


Doritos Late Night: Tacos at Midnight

Okay, technically not a potato chip. But seriously? For all those times you wanted tacos at midnight but couldn't bother with all the ingredients. Foreman

Walkers' Builder's Breakfast Flavour Potato Crisps

An entire English breakfast in a potato chip!

Mushroom Potato Chips by Lay's

Putting the fun back in fungi.

Terra Chips

Terra Kettles' General Tso Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

Your favorite Chinese takeout, now in a chip!


Hot Chili Squid Potato Chips by Lay's

Just in case you were wondering what hot chili and squid would taste like when mixed together on a potato chip.

Flickr/Andrew Turner

Finger Licking Braised Pork Potato Chips by Lay's

Dinner, in a chip.


India’s Magic Masala Potato Chips by Lay’s

For a more foreign snack, go for India's Magic Masala flavored chips.


Cheddar Beer Kettle Chips

Two likely flavors merged in an unlikely medium.

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10 Crazy Potato Chip Flavors Slideshow