10 Crazy Food Finds From New York's Fancy Food Show

There's soy milk, almond milk, rice milk... and brown rice milk now, apparently. 

Laura Santini Umami Dust

The dust version of another product they sell, umami paste, this spice mix contains lemon, garlic, olive, porcini mushroom, and tomato. Goes well with popcorn. 

Organicasaurus Dino-Shaped Cheese Puffs

For the kid who only eats dinosaur-shaped food. 

Atry Smoked Basmati Rice

We have a feeling that it won't be long before the hippest restaurant in your neighborhood is serving this. That said, it does sound pretty intriguing.

Kin-Dee Instant Sticky Rice with Durian and Coconut Milk

When it comes to durian, either you love it or you hate it. This is obviously for those who love it. Located in the Thailand department. 

British Snacks

Ah, Britain. Home of clotted cream fudge, Gnaw chocolate buttons, and several brands of wine gums, which sound more like something you wake up with on a Sunday morning than a candy.

Swiss Colony Jelly Belly-Flavored Cake Bites

This company worked with Jelly Belly to create little cake bites that taste just like the jelly beans. Brilliant. 

Doña Emma Dehydrated Nopal

Dried cactus, flavored in varieties like chile and lemon and pineapple. Dark green, chewy, fruity, and certainly unique.

Villa Patos Maguey Sweet Sap

This sweetener is marketed as being derived from the maguey, which upon further research is just another name for agave. There's certainly a ton of agave nectar out there, though, so this is as good a way to differentiate as any (and 'maguey sap' sounds pretty cool). 

I Roscilli

Lots and lots of frozen, vacuum-packed mushrooms and other vegetables (but mostly mushrooms), ready to toss into pasta or a sauté pan. We've seen plenty of mushrooms, but never like this.