10 Chefs' Thanksgiving Day Leftovers

Continue to cook like a pro even after Thanksgiving

Let the feast continue with these delicious leftover ideas

It happens every single year without fail: The Thanksgiving Day feast is over, you’ve fed your loved ones, and somehow you've still got enough food left over to feed the population of Andorra.

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The one good thing about over-buying for the holiday is that you will have plenty of food to use up over the next few days. Yet, the last thing anyone wants is to end up eating dozens of stale turkey sandwiches for days on end. However, inventing novel ways to jazz up Thanksgiving scraps isn't an easy job.

Fortunately, The Daily Meal is providing you with a plethora of recipes from chefs around the country to help you enjoy the delights of the day before. This year, rather than reheating remains from yesterday's dinner, we’ve asked some of the nation’s top cooks to do the thinking for us.


Check out the recipes below for unique approaches on how to whip up anything from a Japanese-style "mashed potato" soup and pumpkin-sage cheese grits through to Thanksgiving pizza and turkey à la king, plus a pie milkshake and butternut spice cupcakes thrown in for good measure. Thanksgiving dinner might be the high point of your holiday weekend, but with these tips and recipes, you’ll never have been so thankful you have so many leftovers!