10 Wild Animal Cakes

Lifelike (and some life-sized) creatures crafted out of cake and sugar

Scorpion cake

When planning a birthday party for your young child, more often than not, one of three themes is considered: sports, princesses, and animals. Sports fans might celebrate with a cake shaped like a baseball diamond or a soccer ball; girls who dream of being a princess might have one bedecked in flowers or in varying shades of pink. And animal-lovers? One of their beloved wild friend, of course.

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Now visions of dogs, cats, horses, and Nemo might come to mind when you think of animal cakes, but you won’t find them in this slideshow of utterly amazing cakes. Instead, think pouncing cats, flying sharks (with jaws bared), and cakes creepier than you could ever imagine — a slice of rat cake, anyone?

A cake need not be creepy to qualify — one of our favorites was this polar bear cake. It’s commonly known that despite their big, furry, white appearance, polar bears can be just as vicious as grizzlies when their presence is met in the wild. But not this bear. He hardly notices the playful penguins sliding around him. It's just the cake to surprise your child with if they love nothing more than watching (and talking to) the bears and penguins at the zoo.

There are even cakes inspired by various ecosystems around the world. Take this aquarium-themed cake as an example. If you can’t scuba to the ocean floor, or have your party in an aquarium, why not bring the ocean floor to you? But bringing home a bit of that unforgettable African safari experience (and the wildebeest, zebras, and giraffes you see) will be a bit more challenging — unless you pack a guy like this in your luggage to take home with you.

Click here to see the 10 Wild Animal Cakes Slideshow.