10 Addictive Food-Themed Facebook Games

Be aware of food games that will totally suck you in

From Candy Crush to FarmVille, we found some of Facebook’s most addictive, food-driven games.

Most people’s morning routine goes something like this: Phone alarm goes off. You start to whimper as you fumble with the snooze button. You succumb to clumsiness and wake up anyway. You check the time, the weather, and then you check your Facebook.

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You aren’t alone. In fact, 728 million people log onto Facebook daily, which represents a 25 percent increase from 2012. While you are fully aware of the features of Facebook that promote friendly Internet stalking  like status updates and photo sharing, you may be surprised by how addictive some of its other features can be, like Facebook games. According to Facebook, more than 250 million people are playing games on the social network every month. In June, Facebook saw 20 billion minutes of usage per day, which is 17.39 minutes per day per user, or 8.3 hours per user per month. And believe us, a portion of that time has been dedicated to playing an abundance of Facebook games. 

The funny thing about these super-addictive games is that they tend to focus a lot on food. Before you know it, you’re mixing and matching fruits or candies or farming harvest foods with the quick click of a mouse. Hundreds of your friends spend hours farming vegetables in FarmVille 2 or playing with cute fruits in Papa Pear Saga. To keep you in the know (and possibly ruin your Internet life), we rounded up 10 of the most addictive food-themed games on Facebook to help you while away the hours.


This article was originally published on December 3, 2013.