The 30 Best Recipes for Turkey — in Every Shape and Form

Here's how to roast your Thanksgiving bird, what to do with the leftovers, and how to cook turkey for every other occasion
Roasted Turkey Tenderloins


Roasted Turkey Tenderloins

We are just days away from the biggest turkey-eating day of the year (it’s not nicknamed “Turkey Day” for nothing). Nearly every table in America — 88 percent of them to be exact — will feature a pump and golden roast turkey this year.

Everybody digs into the feast with gusto — but there always seems to be an excess of turkey meat after the meal, begging the question: What can you do with the cold turkey meat lurking in your fridge long after the mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy run dry?  

Beyond the holiday, turkey is a meat usually relegated to summertime turkey burgers and wholesome white bread turkey sandwiches lovingly packed into lunch boxes. It’s all pretty run-of-the-mill boring, don’t you think?

But turkey is a mild, lean meat, making it as versatile as it is delicious, and we should be doing more than simply roasting the bird whole, building lunchtime sandwiches, or reheating Thanksgiving leftovers.  

Here is an ultimate turkey recipe roundup to show you all the wonderful things you can do with turkey — the white meat, the dark meat, and even the mangled roasted carcass. From Thanksgiving turkey, to ingenious leftover-inspired recipes, to recipes you could make all year round, check out this list of 30 awesome turkey recipes

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