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How to Entertain in the Heat


June 30, 2015

Daily Special

Don’t feel like hosting a big Fourth of July barbecue today? You can still invite a few friends over for patriotic festivities.

Recipe of the Day

Whole Grilled Chicken with Citrus Butter

Get outside and start up the fire to make this Whole Grilled Chicken with Citrus Butter and Avocado Sauce! The grill is so versatile and can literally cook everything, so why not...
These refreshing cocktails are the perfect addition for entertaining during the summer
American Airlines’ Fancy Food
Travelers flying with American Airlines might want to consider upgrading to first class
These hot dog stands and restaurants turn out some amazing tube steaks
15 Patriotic Recipes That Will Make You the Star of Your 4th of July Bash
The Daily Meal’s Culinary Content Network shares their red-white-and-blue recipes
Fatty and Sugary Foods Could Diminish Important Brain Functions
Diets that are high in fatty and sugary foods could impair critical brain functions, indicates a new study published in the Neuroscience journal . The study, which observed the impact of a high-fat and -sugar diet on mice, found that the diet impacted gut bacteria — which helps the body digest certain foods, stave off...

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