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March 27, 2015
10 Made-From-Scratch Lasagna Recipes Anyone Can Pull Off

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There are few things as amazing as coming home after a long day and digging into a big plate of cheesy, oven-baked, carbohydrate-loaded goodness. When it comes to oven-baked pasta, lasagna is a classic, but some lasagna recipes can be overwhelming — the amount of time it takes to slowly simmer sauce, boil noodles, and...

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Carolina-Style Pulled Pork

Featured in the classic barbecue joint Brother Jimmy's cookbook, Brother Jimmy's BBQ, this is a classic Carolina-style pulled pork recipe, featuring a dry rub made...
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We know, we know. You think your mom makes the best fried chicken period. Nostalgia and hometown bias aside, though, many of us are also very opinionated about our favorite fried chicken joints outside of our own childhood kitchens. America's 50 Best Fried Chicken Spots (Slideshow) Fried chicken is a quintessential...

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