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Holiday How-To: Figgy Pudding


December 22, 2014

Daily Special

During that all-too-brief window of time between Thanksgiving and New Years’ Day, unofficially known as “the Holiday Season,” it seems as if every single company in existence wants a piece of the action. From special sales at everything from car dealerships to mattress stores, to holiday-themed paper plates, Christmas...
Double-Smoked Spiral Ham with Blackberry Bourbon Glaze

Recipe of the Day

Double-Smoked Spiral Ham with Blackberry Bourbon Glaze

Generally, I select a spiral-sliced ham, as the many cuts help get some extra flavor through the meat. If you are purchasing an unsliced ham, then it is best to score the ham in a...
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The Iron Chef recently talked with The Daily Meal about his newest restaurant, Morimoto South Beach as well as his history, tastes, and triumphs
No matter where you might be celebrating, one tradition that’s nearly universal is trying to have as much fun as possible in the final hours of the old year — and the first few hours of the new one
To many, Las Vegas is synonymous with ostentatious displays of wealth and luxury. When it comes to the city’s restaurants, this yields dining experiences more lavish than most can imagine; opportunities to sample some of the world’s best chef’s cuisines curated by expert staff in magnificently grand settings abound. There...

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