Zeroll Does Ice Cream Socials Right

Just in time for July 15, National Ice Cream Day, Zeroll schools us on the art of the ice cream scoop
Jane Bruce

Zeroll stops by The Daily Meal office.

Let’s talk ice cream. Yes, the good stuff — the stuff dreams are made of. The answer to all life’s problems lies in a double-scoop cup — or preferably a cone for some TDM staffers. Now, when life has thrown you some curveballs and you need to scarf down said ice cream, it should be a cinch, right? Wrong. 

More often than not, ice cream gets super hard and frozen, making it difficult to get an ideal and filling scoop. Luckily, Zeroll exists. 

The Zeroll Company created the first modern ice cream scoop back in 1935. They created a revolutionary design for a non-mechanical ice cream scoop that’s made of cast aluminum with fluid inside the handle. The scoop makes it possible for the heat from the user’s hand to transfer to the handle, making the scoop warmer and easy to break through the ice cream. Now, 77 years later, it’s still original and a pioneer in its category. No dipping the scoop in hot water before you scoop — the heat from your hand is all you need. 

While you’re prepping for BBQs, pool parties, and other summer celebrations, grab a pint—or seven — and get the job done right with Zeroll. It will make your social all the more… social!

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