Zebra, Crocodile, and Antelope, Oh My!

You won't believe what's on this South African restaurant's menu

Carnivore’s chefs show off their meats on Masai sword skewers.

If you’ve been to Africa, you’ve likely seen animals like zebras, elands, springboks, and crocodiles from a safari Jeep. Another way to experience Africa’s diverse wildlife is on your plate, like a real local! Enter Carnivore, a restaurant that serves unusual game meats — think zebra and ostrich. You just need to be a little brave and a lot hungry. Here’s what Yahoo Travel found at the Johannesburg location. 

Where: Carnivore restaurant, Misty Hills Country Hotel, Conference Centre and Spa in Muldersdrift, Johannesburg (there is also a location in Nairobi, Kenya).

Why go: Carnivore, which prides itself on giving tourists authentic African experiences, is the meat eater’s Epcot Center. You get to sample meats from across the African terrain, all with over-the-top pomp and circumstance. At least three times a night, the servers and other staff members beat drums and sing and dance across the dining area (which, in keeping with the theme, has zebra-patterned nylon seats). And the waiters will keep feeding you until you’ve stuffed yourself so much that you literally throw in the flag (there’s one on the table for that purpose) to signal that you’re finished.

What to eat: The restaurant serves a variety of game and domestic meats, skewered on what they say are Masai-tribe swords. Crocodile, oddly, tastes like fish. We’re talking fishy fish. And zebra? Stick some slices on rye with a little bit of horseradish mayo, and that would make a mighty fine sandwich. Ostrich is a red meat that tastes like venison. In the Nairobi location, you can also eat ox testicles, which are weirdly pasty. Just hang on to your gag reflex. There are also vegetarian and fish options for those who aren’t game (pun intended). Your meaty meal also comes with soup, salad, sides, and dessert.

Bonus: There’s a “dawa man.” Dawa is Swahili for “medicine,” and the “medicine” this guy is offering is the sickly sweet dawa cocktail, made with vodka, lime juice, honey, sparkling water, and sugar. Why the name? “It’s the medicine for everything,” our dawa dude told us. “It makes everyone happy!” Unless, of course, you are one of those people who turn angry when drunk. Or diabetic.  

Don’t forget: Your elastic-waist pants. And Tums. 

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