Eli Zabar Selling Menorah-Shaped Challah

The 9-branched loaf is handmade in their New York bakery

Eli Zabar's Challah Menorah

The Festival of Lights (aka Hanukkah) begins Saturday, Dec. 8 at sundown, and the traditional braided, eggy loaf of bread will most likely be making an appearance on plenty of dinner tables at some point during the eight-day celebration. While tradition usually dictates that there be potato latkes, jelly donuts, brisket, and other tried-and-true holiday fare at Hanukkah meals, our guess is that nobody will see a challah menorah coming.

So is it a menorah or is it a challah? Considering the fact that you probably don’t want to leave it sitting out for eight days and let it get covered in candle wax, it’s decidedly not an actual menorah (but go ahead and use it as one anyway, nobody’s judging). It’s baked in Eli Zabar’s Upper East Side bakery, and can be delivered in the city or shipped nationwide through their website. It sells for $45, which is less than six bucks per night.


If you’d like to bring a little bit more than just the challah when showing up on your in-laws’ doorstep, they’re also offering Hanukkah gift baskets. Along with the challah menorah, they’ll get kosher crisps, chocolate bars, gold–wrapped chocolate coins (gelt), candies, nuts, Israeli black olive tapenade, a dreidel, and candles. That’s selling for $100.