Yuengling Ice Cream Back On The Shelves

Hold your flagons; we don't have beer-flavored ice cream yet.  But now, Yuengling beer fans can enjoy a pint of their favorite beer alongside a pint of their chosen flavor of ice cream, because Yuengling ice cream — owned by the same family —   is back on the shelves after a hiatus of more than 20 years.

Yuengling Dairy was started by the Yuengling family in 1920 to help support the family during prohibition's beer drought.  The Pennsylvania-based ice cream company was wildly popular and grew quickly throughout the 20th century. But the legacy came to an end in 1985 because President David Yuengling was not in a position to take over the company from his father. Now  — depending on your age and location — you can re-live your childhood and scream for the return of Yuengling ice cream, which will hit Mid-Atlantic stores next week.

"I'd always been asked why we stopped making ice cream and whether or not we'd ever start again," Yuengling told The Daily Meal. "Reintroducing the ice cream was always a thought in the back of my head, something I'd wanted to do, but never seemed to take shape."

These days, the two companies operate separately, and the owners of the brewery and Yuengling Dairy Products are second cousins. Although you won't find frozen frothy brews in the ice cream aisle, there will be chocolate, mint chocolate chip, vanilla, and "black and tan" — a subtle nod to the popular Yuengling beer variety — which is a Belgian chocolate and salted caramel swirl.