Your Ring Pops Now Come in Gummy Candy Form

This just ruins all our childhood memories

Our children's childhoods will never be the same: Bazooka Candy has announced that they'll be taking the Ring Pop (remember those?) up a notch, launching a Wearable Ring Pop Gummies Candy, a chewy version of the candy bling.

According to a press release, the new candies will be "wearable, shareable, and more fun to consume than ever before," debuting at stores nationwide for $1.19 and $2.29 for 1.7-ounce pouches and 5-ounce peg bags. And while the concept is pretty great (candy for your fingers! Why not?), something about this just seems wrong. What's a Ring Pop if you aren't spending 10 minutes looking like a baby eating a pacifier, all while getting sticky candy juice all over your fingers?

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If you're so inclined to try out these new gummy rings (we prefer classic gummy bears), the Riny Pop gummies come in strawberry, cherry, watermelon, and blue raspberry. In the meantime, we're going to go indulge some of our '90s nostalgia with the real thing, thanks.