Your Love Life Will No Longer Be Determined by Fortune Cookies

The world's largest fortune cookie manufacturer has cut out romantic messages after complaints from parents

If you were hoping for a fortune cookie miracle to happen before Valentine's Day, you might want to rethink that. The New York Post reports that the world's largest fortune-cookie manufacturer has removed romantic messages from their cookies, replacing them with dull, vague ideas that won't dirty childrens' minds.

Wonton Food, the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based fortune cookie provider, has been on the receiving end of plenty of concerned emails. Parents, for example, didn't want kids reading messages that were a bit too racy. The culprits? Messages like, "One who admires you greatly is hidden before your eyes," "The evening promises romantic interest," and "A romantic mystery will soon add interest to your life."


Instead, messages have to be "rated G," Derrick Wong of Wonton Food told the NY Post. Instead of fortunes, people seem to be getting compliments, like, "You make every day special," and "No one on Earth is as beautiful as you." Which is all very sweet and nice, but then we might just want to call fortune cookies Emergency Compliments with Carbs.