Kids Drink Up to 7 Trillion Calories in Sugary Drinks per Year, Research Says

That's right, 7 trillion calories: maybe we need that soda ban after all

The numbers behind America's sugary drink habit are more alarming each day: now, the newest research shows that kids ages 2 to 19 consume about 7 trillion calories from sugary drinks per year. 

The Scientific American reports on Steve Gortmaker's research, who spoke at the Obesity Society Annual Scientific Meeting last week. The Harvard Public School of Health professor notes that the reserach is especially alarming, considering the high impact of sugary drinks on childhood obesity — and cardiovascular health. Obese children are at a much higher risk for heart problems as adults, says new research from the British Medical Journal. 

The Scientific American also notes that even the smallest change could help fight childhood obesity; cutting out a mere 64 calories per day from a child's diet could help them stay in shape over time. We're beginning to think that Mayor Bloomberg was onto something.