You’ll Never Believe Which Country Invented Ice Cream

There is no summertime tune that is more favored than that of the ice cream truck coming down your block

The history of ice cream is a messy one.

Mankind’s love for ice cream dates back centuries and centuries ago, though the subject of where and how it was invented is a messy one; however, there are still records showing that people way back when used to cool off with what evolved to become the treat we all love today.



Photo Credit: Flickr/Shawn Alan

No, ice cream wasn’t invented in France, though it is said that Catherine de Medici introduced ice cream to France when she relocated to marry King Henry II.


Ice cream doesn’t share a birthplace with Harry Potter, either, though the then-English King Charles I decided to be all British and call it “cream ice” instead of ice cream. Go figure.


Gelato may be the Ronaldo of ice cream, but that doesn’t mean it was invented by the Italians. Some say Marco Polo brought it back from his travels to the Far East, but think again. 


It goes without saying that Alexander the Great wouldn’t have been so great without the icy drinks flavored with honey or wine that he used to indulge in.


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We have a winner! Ice cream made its first appearance under the Tang Dynasty, who are believed to have been the first to eat “a frozen milk-like confection.”