Anthony Bourdain Still Not A Fan Of Guy Fieri

You didn't think opening a New York restaurant would make Guy Fieri a culinary star, did you? Because Anthony Bourdain is here to shut that idea down.

Eater posted this video of Anthony Bourdain on Sirius XM doing what he does best: bashing his opponents. First he calls Guy Fieri's American Kitchen and Bar a "terror dome," with 600 seats and a gift shop. "First of all, he single-handedly turned the neighborhood into the Ed Hardy district which I'm a little pissed off about," he said.

Then there's the food, including the $18 burger, which is hardly a diner-worthy price. "The french fries are like $12? By the time you buy a drink you're out of there for what?" he said. To be fair, fries are some $7, but that's still pretty pricey.

And of course, Fieri's notorious middle-school-esque spelling gets in the hot seat, too. "I tell you what, that guy has set back spelling like two decades," Bourdain said. Bad spelling is not kewl, bro. Watch it all below (some NSFW language here).