Wylie Dufresne Scrapping WD-50 Menu

No more eggs Benedict at his New York molecular gastronomy restaurant
Wylie Dufresne of WD-50
Jessica Chou

Wylie Dufresne of WD-50

Fans of Wylie Dufresne's eggs Benedict at his New York restaurat WD-50 might want to get reservations now; The New York Times reports that the molecular gastronomy chef is completely revamping his menu this spring.

In the past, Dufresne and his team have kept on classics like the aformentioned eggs Benedict, as well as the corned duck served wtih horseradish and purple mustard. On May 10, however, Dufresne is switching over to tasting menus, versus à la carte items, offering two for guests to choose from.

The first, priced at $155 per person, will feature about 12 entirely new dishes. The second, for $75, is titled "From the Vault" and offers five "greatest hits" dishes. The bar, however, will still serve à la carte items (whew!).

The spring tasting menu will include dishes like "red-hued noodles fashioned from lobster roe, and shiny-skinned lamb sweetbreads in puddles of a sauce made of buttermilk and nasturtium blossoms." There's also talk of a deconstructed pot pie, and a dish where the crew uses "vacuum pressure to press the essence of pistachio oil directly into pores of zucchini." More mad scientist-created delicious food to come.