Wow: Adam Richman Loses 60 Pounds

The former 'Man v. Food' host looks great

Richman now hosts NBC’s 'Food Fighters' and Travel Channel’s 'Fandemonium.'

For fans of Man v. Food, which aired on the Travel Channel for three seasons between 2008 and 2010, it was impossible not to notice that host Adam Richman’s waistline increased with the show’s ratings. The fat and calorie content of some of the foods that he was forced to eat — steaks, sandwiches, and omelettes that could have easily fed a family — were unfathomable, and it was clearly bad for Richman’s health. In January of 2012, Richman announced for unknown reasons that he’d no longer be participating in food challenges, and the format of the show’s fourth season was changed to force locals to take the eating challenges instead of him. He’s clearly been working on getting into slimmer shape since then, as he recently stepped out displaying a svelte frame.

Richman now hosts NBC’s Food Fighters and Travel Channel’s Fandemonium, and according to People Magazine he’s down 60 pounds since his peak, where he was pushing a 40-inch waistline. He apparently lost the weight by cutting down on white flour and dairy and boosting his workout regimen.